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Cocktails For New Year’s Eve: The Carpathian Swizzle from Oriole

Ornate. Beautiful. Incredibly tasty. Oriole offers up cocktails as exotic as the locations around the world they’re inspired by. Younger sister of renowned bar Nightjar, Oriole is just as lavish, so expect theย sumptuously sleek setting you’re used to in Old Street. Walking down Oriole’s stairs leads you into a magical party den with a ‘around the world in 80 days’ vibe. Decadent glamour and ornate interiors are the order of the day. And a jazz band is always on stage to set the mood. This is the place Londoners go to escape the bustle of the world above. You leave your troubles at the door of Oriole’s den.

And what better way to start 2017, then with a cocktail from the bar’s Old World menu. It’s been a turbulent year and one most would like to forget, but for the Oriole team, December 31st is set to be a night to remember. And they have a cocktail to kick start festivities. This isn’t your standard gin and tonic either. And to be quite honest, we’re not 100%ย on the what each of the ingredients were but boy does it taste good!

“These mountain ridges are many and extend for hundreds of miles across old Europe. They are wreathed in dark forests, prowled by bears and wolves, their rocky outcrops patrolled by lynx and nimble chamois. The scented air is alive with fir and spruce and pine. Nature is in charge here.”


Belvedere Unfiltered
Spinach aperitif
Cedro jam
Cream soda sherbet

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