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The Saturday Scroll

It’s been a long week. A pretty mad one in fact. But, we’ve finally moved offices and our new REVL space feels just like home. Now hiding and unwinding from the comfort of our bed, we’re spending our Saturday morning scrolling. And with no real connection or theme at all, we’ve decided to list our favourite random links of the week. Enjoy!

  1. Super-scale sculptures | We Heart speaks with sculptor, and creator of the only permanent installation in the Saatchi gallery, Richard Wilson on distorting reality. Read the interview.
  2. Is fashion art? | One Instagrammer is asking just that through a set of daily collages. Check out Maria Sheila Miani’s page.
  3. Spirits are high | Our/London vodka is set to open in Hackney next week. Be the first to hear about opening parties and the team’s shenanigans right here.
  4. Are you a sneakerhead? | This guy is, and taking his audience on a journey through a world of exclusive sneakers while analysing the importance these trainer-tastemakers have on the market. Watch it now.
  5. Shut down the city | Capturing a disappearing city, James and Karla Murray’s Store Front photography showcases a myriad of New York’s unique and aesthetically raw shops. See more.

If you’re still on the scroll? Check out our first ICYMI news blog post. Or show us some of your favourite links in the comments below.

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