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It’s happening. After 18 months and 18 employees, REVL is finally available on iPhone.

Our aim was to create the UK’s most comprehensive events app out there, and we’d like to think we’ve had a pretty good stab at doing just that. REVL has 19 interest categories including Sport, Dating, Fitness, Food and Music. It also has over 40k venues hosting events daily and 87,000 events and counting currently waiting to be discovered.

There’s also hundreds of bloggers, brands, magazines, pubs, music venues and more already listing their events on REVL. These guys are the experts and you can add them to a PLAYlist (a list of events that stays up-to-date) so you’re always in-the-know.

REVL website

While the app is currently available to download from the app store, we are in a ‘limited release’ phase. This means you have to have one of our exclusive invite codes to gain access to the app itself. To get your hands on one of those,Β  sign up via our website to join the queue.

Can I get REVL sooner?

Of course you can! Once you’ve joined the queue, you can share it with your friends. If they then join the queue alongside you, you’ll jump up. The more you share, the quicker you get the app.



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