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Not your average app. Welcome to REVL

Hey, we’re REVL. But shhh, we’re in ‘stealth mode.’ *insert spy emoji*

Keeping shtum doesn’t come naturally to us. As you’ll soon find out from this blog. But we’re gonna attempt to keep the secrets secret, and our exciting app under wraps. When the embargo is lifted, and we’re able to shout about REVL from the rooftops, you’ll wonder why this app didn’t exist before, but more about that later.

One thing we can say for sure, is that we’re a small start-up crammed into a tiny room down a dodgy Soho alleyway, beavering away at an app that our CEO started working on no less than 5 years ago. This guy has dedication. And because we can’t shout about all the good stuff just yet, we’ve pulled a mini pledge together in the hope you’ll stick with us and get to know REVL a little better.

1. REVL is not a city guide. Nope, we are not. We will be talking about stuff happening in London and other UK cities, but this isn’t your typical restaurant-theatre-gig kind of blog. We’re here to help turn your interests into experiences, because the things you want to go to, see or explore are what really matters to us.

2. We understand the importance of switching off. Ultimately, we’re about experiences and you can’t experience much while holding a phone in front of your face. We want to encourage you to go and REVL in new stuff out there. The aim is to make switching off, easier.

3. We want to connect a community of REVLers. Everyone has an interest in something, be that yoga, theatre, football, the latest Sam Smith track, juggling, the list goes on (and I’m sure you get our point.) REVL aims to become the place to find like-minded individuals who are seeking one thing; the stuff their interested in going to or knowing about, all in one place.

You ready for it? Join the REVLution, today.

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