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My Slice Fest – When ‘London’s Biggest Pizza Festival’ Goes Wrong

Would you go to London Biggest Pizza Festival? Course you would! Promises of pizza, music and a warm Wembley park to while away your Saturday? Too good to be true? Nah, not for London. This kind of festival happens all the time. The festival in question however, My Slice Fest, didn’t quite live up to expectations and instead ended in a social media stream of misery with attendees tweeting their anger and demanding refunds.

‘A slice of pure disappointment’ said one, another tweeted Pizza Hut asking for a delivery. Advertising stated that the festival would be held in Wembley Park and that there would be 15 vendors, two stages and even Mac ‘n’ Cheese pizza – but the reality was a little different…

Tickets cost £25 and £49.50 for V.I.P (which didn’t even guarantee any pizza), they had five pizza vendors for 10,000 people and it wasn’t in Wembley Park but in fact, the car park of Wembley Stadium. Yikes.

The Expectation…
The Reality… (Image via Method Unsound)

Understandably so, people were pretty pissed. The queues were long, the pizza was undercooked and it turns out, they ran out of pizza after five hours too…

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 08.57.58

Review + anger via Method Unsound


One attendee noticed that the team were removing negative comments from their social media pages:

Removing your Facebook reviews won’t hide the fact that @myslicefest was an absolute disaster of a ‘festival’ and a disgrace

Danny Mclaughlin (@DannyMcglocks) August 1, 2016


There were pictures of undercooked pizza:

Dear @VillaBiancaNW3 this is what your team served me on saturday @myslicefest It was so undercooked #grim #inedible

Alice Walker-M (@alicewm) August 1, 2016


And screenshots of imagery that had now been deleted showing promises of fruit and popcorn pizza:

Hi @myslicefest I’d be interested to know why you’ve deleted these posts from your Instagram?

Ella Cape-Davenhill (@emcdavenhill) August 1, 2016

 Not quite the Italian pizza dream people were hoping for. A spokesman for the festival, Xclusive Touch has said,

“We’re really sorry some people felt the queues for pizza let down their experience of MySliceFest on Saturday.”

“We’re an enthusiastic and committed events company and what we delivered didn’t live up to our high expectations for everyone.”

“We take this very seriously and will be replying individually to everyone who has taken the time to get in touch. In spite of this, thousands of people did enjoy our unique festival of music and pizza, and we’ll be learning from what worked and what we needed to improve on as we go forward.” (via The Evening Standard)

If there were any people excited about the festival, we couldn’t find them. Though we did notice that Little Mix’ Leigh Anne Pinnock did go. Wonder what she thought because VIP was just as shocking!

Were you at My Slice Fest on Saturday? We’d love to know your thoughts. Comment below…

Featured image via Munchies.

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  1. Sophie McGurn

    It was HORRENDOUS!!! Both me and my boyfriend love pizza as much as the next man, and were so excited about this! We walked in, saw the queues for the 3 pizza companies that bothered to turn up, and left again. To top it off they have ignored everyones negative comments, and refused to answer anyone about a refund. We went and got our pizza elsewhere. Worst event ever.

  2. Sarah

    What a shambles, really disappointed, a real let down all round! The setting was dreary at best, the car park was just that and there didn’t seem to be enough ‘stalls’ to make it look like an event, more like a car boot sale! There was no atmosphere just lots of very long queues! We arrived shortly after 3pm and half of our group, there were 5 of us, went to queue for drinks, the other half went for pizza. We ended up rotating the wait in the pizza queue as it was literally not moving. In the end we waited just short of 2 hours to order then wait for the pizza to be cooked. We were literally starving by the time we got the undercooked and not very tasty pizza not to mention that we couldn’t relax and take in what was there as we were mindful of keeping our place in the queue. Once we had finally sat down and eaten we moved over to have a dance at the DJ set, the event finished at 9pm and at just after 9pm they literally pulled the plug abruptly, mid song! In a nut shell the whole event was poor and I am definitely pursuing a refund. The event organisers should be ashamed #slice fiasco

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