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Fat Macy’s Are Cooking A Christmas Feast

Fat Macy’s are tackling homelessness one supperclub at a time. The social enterprise, set up by Meg Doherty and Fred Andrews, is run entirely by young residents of YMCA and aims to help each and every one move into more permanent accommodation.

After sell-out stints in Brixton and Finsbury Park, Fat Macy’s are taking their delicious events to the Printworks Kitchen in Farringdon. The series of eight events start on Thursday 1st December with two already sold out! For £30, you are treated to a delicious three-course meal and a drink on arrival. Plus, you can rest easy, knowing that every penny you spend goes towards helping all of those involved.



Unfortunately however, you may be gutted to know that Fat Macy’s isn’t actually a person. Nope, co-founder Fred told us the story behind their unique name. “Our first supper club was a bit of an experiment. We needed everything, a website, a name, a menu! A couple of weeks before the event, one of the chefs came into one of the sessions and said he thought he’d found a name. We asked what it was. ‘Fat Macy’s. Macy’s is an anagram of the YMCA (where the chefs live), but we can’t just call it that, he said, so let’s call it Fat Macy’s. It seems to have stuck!”

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Every Fat Macy supperclub menu is created in-house with their team of chefs and usually carries a theme. Their very first was Caribbean themed and their second, Mexicana. This third round of supperclubs is promising a traditional Christmas menu with with a big Fat twist. Oh, and they may have been brewing their own Vermouth. Watch out that that!

Reserve your place at the next Fat Macy’s Supperclubs here.

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